AC Filters should be checked monthly and replaced or cleaned. Replacing your AC filter on a monthly basis is the best
way to help insure that your AC system will run smoothly for many years. A dirty Air Filter will reduce the air flow through
your Air Conditioner causing your Air Conditioner to work harder, be less efficient, cost you more in electricity to operate,
and generally reduce the life of your AC.  Never operate your AC without a clean properly installed filter.

We recommend using Pleated or Hi Efficiency filters, and we recommend changing your filter monthly.

Did you know that you can save $150 per year in electricity costs by changing your AC Filter on a regular basis, you also
save the environment
about 350 lbs of Carbon Dioxide.  
Need a box of filters?.  Call Crane Air Conditioning at 954-486-4657, we take the hassle out of buying filters and we
will deliver them to your home or office and show you how to install them.  A Box of filters is 10 - 12 filters and will last
you for one year.

We can also offer you a complete
Air Quality Inspection for your home or office call us for details.
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