How to Operate Your Humidistat:
When you are home, set your Humidistat to the "ON" position and set your Thermostat to your desired temperature.
When you are away, set your Humidistat to 60 and set your Thermostat to 75 degrees.
About Your Humidistat:
Simply put, a Humidistat is used to help control the Humidity in your home or office. Humidity is the amount of moisture in
the air and is measured as a percent. If your air has greater then Sixty (60%) percent humidity then the chance of mold
and mildew growth is present.  

A Humidistat is used to turn on your Air Conditioner when the Humidity,
not the temperature in your house reaches a
certain level. As the Air Conditioner runs it removes water from the air reducing the Humidity. The Air Conditioner will run
until the Humidity level you set is reached.

Please note that there is
no absolute guarantee that a Humidistat will completely eliminate mold and mildew from
growing in your Home or Office, there are many things that can promote mold and mildew growth, using a Humidistat
helps to control the Humidity in the air.

A Humidistat is normally used when you are away from your home or office for an extended about of time and you want
to maintain the air quality in your Home or Office.
Call Crane Air Conditioning at 954-486-4657 to schedule the installation of a Humidistat in your Home or Office. Most
Installations can be done in less then one hour.

We can also offer you a complete
Air Quality Inspection for your home or office call us for details.
How to Install Your Humidistat:
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