Crane Air Conditioning
In addition to our Maintenance Program (outlined below), Crane's experienced technicians will thoroughly examine your
home, ask questions and evaluate your overall comfort needs before making a recommendation. You will be given all the
information up front to make a knowledgeable purchase decision. We'll help you explore all options before you decide to
repair, or purchasing a new A/C Unit. Finally, you will be supplied with a written contract of all work to be done along with
itemized costs. Should you have any questions we will be there to answer them.
Maintenance Program  

~ Inspect electrical components, wiring and connections
~ Check voltages and current - all components
~ Check motor and compressor
~ Lubricate all applicable bearings
~ Check temperatures across coils  
~ Rinse down condenser coil (air cooled)
~ Freeze clean (water cooled)
~ Treat evaporator coil
~ Clean condensate drain pan, line and add drain treatment
~ Replace/Wash return air filters
~ Check refrigerant charge                            
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